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Raising money to bring hope and smiles

After Ellie Mai was diagnosed with a diffuse brainstem glioma there were only two things that kept us going.One was the hope, however slim, that a cure could be found, and we searched around the world to try and find one.The other was our commitment to make sure our daughter enjoyed the rest of her short life, doing the things she loved.

We’ve never been well-off. We were just a normal working family, and we both gave up our jobs to look after Ellie Mai. But with the help of some fantastic charities and some amazing people we were able to take Ellie Mai to some wonderful places in the months before we lost her. Yet in doing that we became aware of other families who were enduring a similar, agonising ordeal, and we know there will be more in the future.

We aim to help other families who themselves face similar circumstances and also the charities and organisations who provide the help and support that is required during these difficult times.



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